Concierge Home Watch Services


Concierge Home Watch provides professional home watch and personalized concierge services to ensure your time away from home is worry free. Our affordable home security and 5-star concierge services can be tailored to meet all your needs at 3-star price.


Home Security

Take a trip with peace of mind, knowing your home is secure while you are away. Issues such as vandalism, weather damage, leaks, and basic maintenance won't become big problems when we are watching your home. We are committed to home security, preventing crime and increasing safety, one home at a time.


Alarm Response Services

 When your burglar alarm goes off and you're not home, what do you do; call and ask a neighbor to check it out, send a family member? That sounds like a great idea unless there is an active burglary, then you have exposed your friends and family to potential life-threatening danger and exposed yourself to possible legal problems. Why not send the professionals? CHBW is patrolling and protecting the community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of our responding security professionals are armed, fully certified and trained to handle whatever problems present themselves. Call today to ask about CHBW Alarm Response services - you'll be glad you hired the professionals.   

Home Watch Services

Interior Services

Concierge Services

Interior Services

  • Check functionality of alarm system
  • Ensure all doors and windows are locked and secure
  • Check settings of heating/air conditioning
  • Visually inspect circuit breakers
  • Check smoke detectors and replace batteries if necessary
  • Ensure all utilities are working
  • Check all rooms for water leaks, pests, moisture
  • Check answering machine for urgent calls
  • Watering of indoor house plants
  • Post-departure shutdown of home
  • Pre-arrival preparation of home and property (stocking of refrigerator, setting temperatures, turning on of water heater, etc.) (plus actual cost of groceries)

Exterior Services

Concierge Services

Interior Services

  • Visually inspect exterior of the home and property looking for damages to exterior of home
  • Ensure all doors and windows are locked and secure
  • Check for forced entry or vandalism
  • Remove any newspapers or flyers
  • Check mailbox
  • Check all outdoor lighting and replace bulbs if necessary
  • Start engines of all vehicles and re-lock

   Coordination and/or monitoring of:

  • Lawn and landscape maintenance
  • Pond maintenance
  • Pool and spa care
  • Mail collection (sorting, prioritizing, response and/or forwarding)
  • House cleaning


Concierge Services

Concierge Services

Concierge Services

  • Pet care
  • Plant care (indoor/outdoor watering second)
  • Primary contact for alarm company and emergency response agencies
  • Primary contact for neighbors and family in case of problem or emergencies
  • Mail/package delivery
  • Mail collection (sorting, prioritizing, response and/or forwarding, if needed) (plus actual cost of postage)
  • Primary contact for clients for any additional services needed
  • Coordination and/or oversight of repairs authorized by clients (up to 8 hours per month)
  • Transportation to and from airport

Home Security Assessment

Concierge Home Watch cares about the security of your home and property. It has been said, that if a person really wants to enter your home, nothing can stop them. However, most criminals are lazy; they seek areas of weakness and vulnerability that provide them with an easy target. Home burglaries are generally crimes of opportunity where thieves can break into your home without attracting attention. When your home is secure, most burglars will seek easier targets... those who have not taken the time to prepare their homes. Our comprehensive Home Security Assessment is a full inspection of your home to identify potential security weaknesses. Because of our extensive Law Enforcement background, we scrutinize windows, doors, lighting, locking mechanisms, security systems, fencing and more, to identify areas of vulnerability. We also inspect your property and surrounding areas to identify hiding spots or ways that criminals could exploit the weakness of your home. At the end of our inspection, CHW will provide you with a complete report of our findings plus recommendations for specific actions you can take to reduce the risk of home burglary and improve or enhance your home security and safety.