Business Watch Security Services


We Offer Full Commercial and Residential Security Services

Concierge Home & Business Watch is the only local security company which can boast of 100+ years of law enforcement and 25+ years of security experience.Concierge Home and Business Watch is an established business built on a solid reputation of integrity, ethics, exemplary service, and a relentless commitment to preventing crime and other related disasters. We are locally owned and operated, fully licensed and insured, and committed to reducing crime and increasing safety throughout Grants Pass, Josephine and Jackson Counties. Our security services are customized to provide our clients the most professional defense against vandalism, theft, and trespass available in the valley, and all at competitive rates. Our patrol services are extensive and can include; vehicle patrols, physical check of all doors and windows, lock-ups and unlocks, alarm response, calls for service, employee escorts, stand-by to keep the peace, and much more.  Our security patrol team is out 24/7 providing preventative, high visibility patrols to ensure they make your business, residence and/or property as resistant to crime as possible.


Roving Patrols

  • High visibility patrols of your business and property in marked, radio equipped, vehicles
  • Lock-up of property and securing of all windows and doors after closing
  • Focused deterrence of damage, vandalism, theft, burglary and trespassing
  • 24/7 rapid and professional response to alarm activations
  • Thorough physical checks of doors, windows, parking lots, etc.
  • Experienced response to disturbances, trespass and/or employee safety escorts


Standing Or Static Post Security

  • Uniformed security officers assigned solely to your property
  • Lock-up of buildings to include the security of all windows and doors after closing
  • Internal and external checks of building and the surrounding lot
  • Active foot patrols to increase protection of property and inventory
  • Opening of business to ensure all is safe for employees and customers


Community and Special Events

As a company and security team committed to our community’s safety, we provide services for numerous special events throughout Southern Oregon. With our professional, ethical, diplomatic and diverse team, Business Watch is your solution. We provide traffic and pedestrian support, parking assistance, uniformed/non-uniformed support, armed/unarmed officers, and vehicle patrols. No matter what the event, a fund-raiser, concert, wedding, funeral/wake, gun show, auction, parade, etc. you can count on us to be there when you need us most. In the event of an emergency, Concierge Business Watch provides an efficient and effective response utilizing our skills and expertise honed over 100 years of protecting and serving our communities.

Additional Services


Alarm Response Services

Alarm Response Services

Alarm Response Services

When your burglar alarm goes off and you're not home, what do you do; call law enforcement, ask a neighbor to check it out, send a family member? That sounds like a great idea unless there is an active burglary, then you have exposed your friends and family to potential life-threatening danger and exposed yourself to possible legal problems. Why not send in the professionals? CHBW is out protecting the community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of our responding officers are fully armed and fully trained to handle whatever problems present themselves. Call today and ask about CHBW Alarm Response services - you'll be glad you hired the professionals.   


Security Assessment

Alarm Response Services

Alarm Response Services

Our comprehensive Security Assessment is a full inspection of your property to identify potential security weaknesses. We scrutinize windows, doors, lighting, locking mechanisms, security systems, fencing and more, to identify areas of vulnerability. We also inspect your property and surrounding areas to identify hiding spots or ways that criminals could exploit the weakness of your property. At the end of our inspection, CHBW will provide you with a complete report of our findings plus recommendations for specific actions you can take to reduce the risk of burglary and improve or enhance your security and safety.