About Us

Concierge Home Watch is locally owned and operated by Jeff and Julie Thomas in Grants Pass, Oregon. During our collective 50 years of law enforcement experience, we have seen countless homes damaged or vandalized while the owners were away. We know what can be done to keep your home safe. We started Concierge Home Watch because we want to help our neighbors in Grants Pass, Josephine, and Jackson counties to secure their homes before they become victims of crime or home disaster.

Julie Thomas, Owner

 Mrs. Thomas has 30 years of experience as a police officer, captain, police consultant, trainer, and senior advisor/program manager, division chief, specializing in the development of security sector programs with an emphasis in community policing methodology to identify and address issues of crime, safety, security and livability.    During her tenure, Mrs. Thomas has trained and/or consulted with agencies and communities throughout the United States, Kosovo, Northern Ireland, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Czech Republic, Russia, Tajikistan and Morocco, assisting them in developing practical methods and protocols to ensure reduced crime and improved community safety through police reform and community involvement.   As a former police officer with the San Diego Police Department and Grants Pass Department of Public Safety, Julie has worked proactively with communities, local governments and law enforcement agencies to successfully reduce crime and increase safety for citizens through innovative prevention, partnership and problem solving initiatives. This passion and commitment continues to motivate her efforts as one of the owners of Concierge Home and Business Watch.   Mrs. Thomas is the President/CEO and DPSST state certified Executive Manager of Concierge Home and Business Watch, a full service security company, which employs 45+ security officers, committed to reducing crime and increasing safety for all residents throughout the Rogue and Illinois Valleys.    Julie graduated with honors from both Rogue Community College with an Associate's Degree and Western Baptist College with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management.  

Jeffrey Thomas, Owner

Mr. Thomas has served in law enforcement for over 40 years with 15 of those years with the United States Department of Justice specializing in the development and implementation of police and civil society systems, including programs in counter terrorism, narco-terrorism, community policing, and internal security. Having served in command roles with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and Kootenai County Sheriff's Department in Idaho, Jeff is well suited to serving the needs of people from all walks of life and knows how to provide and maintain safety and security with an emphasis on community engagement. In 2003-2004, Jeff served in Iraq as the Director of Organizational Development and Reform, where he earned the Attorney General's Distinguished Service Award for directing the efforts to establish law enforcement in Iraq. At differing points in his career, Jeff has overseen and managed the efforts of twenty-four varied and specialized law enforcement development programs spread over twenty countries throughout Europe and Eurasia to assist in bringing security, rule of law and anti-terrorist activities into internationally accepted norms. During 2010, Jeff was asked to advise law enforcement and military command staff in Rwanda and Kenya, Africa to bring professional investigative and civil security methodologies into those countries. In 2011, Jeff was an advisor to the US Military Special Forces, the Philippine National Police and the Philippine Government to develop strategies to combat terrorism throughout the Mindanao region of the Philippines. Mr. Thomas worked with the US/DOJ in Kabul, Afghanistan from 2012 through 2015, assisting in the development of programs and protocols to combat terrorism, narcotics cultivation and trade, and other critical criminal justice arenas.   Most recently, Jeff served 18 months in the countries Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Nigeria to assist those governments in combating Boko Haram.   Jeff earned his Bachelor's Degree in Law and Justice Studies from Burlington College, and graduated the FBI Executive Command College.